version 0-1-52 released

July 28, 2008

Version 0-1-52 is now available for download. 

This is the first candidate 1.0 release, as beta finishes at the end of the week, and the charge for tiggit mail increases to $30.

This version has the following changes/improvements

  • better user experience when entering a license key
  • fixes bug when checking for network availability – no longer requires EDGE/GPRS to be available to connect via WiFi
  • better user experience via the status line
  • fixes problems displaying inline quote-printable email messages
  • adds option to close session once download is completed, and adds this as a default for POP3 sessions – upgrading users will need to set this manually
  • made all “switch screens” labels consistent
  • fixed problem in wizard that resulted in incorrect configuration of mailServerUserId
  • changed folder parser to properly understand hierarchical mailbox organisation
  • changed folder parser to understand different delimiters
  • additional logic to send short email messages as plain text and not as Base64 encoded attachments
  • changed forward logic to handle HTML messages
  • changed wizard to accommodate large font sizes

version 0-1-51 released

July 13, 2008

Version 0-1-51 is now released. This versions has few changes, but appears to resolve connectivity problems some user have been experiencing with u.s. based carriers.

This version also fixes a critical bug where mailServerUserId is not passed correctly to IMAP servers.

The build/distribute process is also fixed for 7000 series handhelds.

two emergency patches in one day

July 9, 2008

…. cannot be a good thing.

I guess that changing the entry to the network session object last night  might not be the smartest thing to do, and then forgetting to confirm that this entry is not used by any other objects was just plain dumb. Then releasing the code is just asking for trouble, and trouble I got.

So, yesterday tiggit mail 0-1-50 was released and today 0-1-50a and 0-1-50b were released with proper calls into the new session object for the IDLE manager and the moves and delete manager respecitvely. That will teach me to be confident about a release.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient about this release.

Version 0-1-50 released

July 8, 2008

After a little frustration, version 0-1-50 is now available for general download. This version fixes a couple of critical bugs, and is recommended for anyone running 0-1-49. This version fixes problems with working with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and fixes a problem with incorrect user-id being sent in the SMTP session.

There are some little improvements, including better layout for single line display, and no longer telling you there is more to download when the entire message was pre-loaded. It also fixes some bugs the the sorting of inboxes.

Not much progress on IDLE I am afraid, but this has been due to pressure in other directions, and irritating problems resulting from Apple making changes to .mac at the weekend.

Here is the ‘official’ list of fixes etc in 50

  • performance improvements to message decoder
  • fixed problem working with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • fixed problem with multi-select delete not working for an even number of selected messages
  • fixed problem with IDLE not appearing to be informed of new messages – caused by not selecting mailbox before initiating IDLE
  • fixed bugs in sorting messages in Message List
  • fixed incorrect title on network settings panel
  • no longer any need to restart after changing user name and password details
  • improved session reliability for send and receive
  • fixed bug in passing user details to SMTP module
  • changed to show messages as unloaded, preloaded and fully loaded
  • fixed problem where small messages are shown as part loaded
  • fixed protocol break caused by loosing a server response line

Also, it would appear that battery consumption is not as bad as it was!

starting the idle battery benchmark again

July 4, 2008

I am starting the idle battery benchmark again: that is I am charging my 8200 up to full charge and will start it IDLEing with GMail this afternoon, and will leave it going until the battery runs out. I think some of the recent changes will have reduced the battery use when idling.

I have also written a little application that reports battery charge so that I can more accurately record the battery use each hour. There is a script running on a server that sends an email to my gmail account every two minutes. This is intended to simulate a heavy load. Vibrate to alert for new messages is on. I am not going to use the device in the mean time, so the screen backlight will not be a significant factor.

Also, I am running this test using my T-Mobile pay as you go SIM, which has the advantage of being able to see how much data is used, so not only will I have a view of battery life, I will have a better understanding of real data use when idling.

Results follow

After three hours, the battery is reporting 89%

After about 2 and a half days the handheld battery is below 10% and so tiggit mail has quietly closed the connection.

In truth, there were a number of interruptions to the test, with sessions needing to be re-established. There is still plenty to do on the session re-establishment algorithm, but at least all the messages were delivered and for the most of the time the idle session was maintained.

The real problem is that I did not have a “control” example of a completely idle BlackBerry and one receiving the same number of messages via BIS/BES push.