version 0-1-52 released

Version 0-1-52 is now available for download. 

This is the first candidate 1.0 release, as beta finishes at the end of the week, and the charge for tiggit mail increases to $30.

This version has the following changes/improvements

  • better user experience when entering a license key
  • fixes bug when checking for network availability – no longer requires EDGE/GPRS to be available to connect via WiFi
  • better user experience via the status line
  • fixes problems displaying inline quote-printable email messages
  • adds option to close session once download is completed, and adds this as a default for POP3 sessions – upgrading users will need to set this manually
  • made all “switch screens” labels consistent
  • fixed problem in wizard that resulted in incorrect configuration of mailServerUserId
  • changed folder parser to properly understand hierarchical mailbox organisation
  • changed folder parser to understand different delimiters
  • additional logic to send short email messages as plain text and not as Base64 encoded attachments
  • changed forward logic to handle HTML messages
  • changed wizard to accommodate large font sizes

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