send failures

August 28, 2008

tiggit continues to have difficulties sending mail… In version 1.0.02 I  put loads of extra validation around the smtp protocol handler to be certain that messages have been successfully sent before removing them from the outbox. 

For some email services – notably Yahoo! –  this validation does not appear to work perfectly, resulting in messages being sent, but remaining in the outbox marked as failed.

The difficulty is knowing which messages have been sent, and which have actually failed. tiggit has a handy drop-copy feature that will automatically add a bcc address to all messages that it sends. This can be used to add yourself as a silent addressee to messages that are sent via tiggit, so that when you receive your own message you can delete it from the outbox.

Not really a solution I know, not even a messy work around, but until the bugs are fixed maybe a way of knowing whether a message has been sent.


version 1.0.02 now available for download

August 21, 2008

Version 1.0.02 is now available for download for all handhelds including 7000 series.

This version has the following changes

  • added feature to only vibrate once
  • fixes problems with multiselect move
  • fixes problem with POP downloading the wrong message body
  • fixes problem with POP not downloading because folder is not marked for download
  • fixes some problems with error count always being zero
  • enabled scrolling on event log
  •  fixed problem with selection jumping to top of inbox on local delete
  • added log to disk capability to write log file to local SD Card for api 4.2 and 4.3 only
  • added fast key stroke to open message composer – ‘C’
  • fixed sort order ascending/descending bug
  • fixed bug causing exception when performing ‘next’ off the end of the inbox
  • fixed bugs with sorted POP3 inboxes downloading incorrect message bodies
  • improved performance of menu on inbox viewer

This version can be downloaded by re-installing from It is recommended that the previous version is removed from the handheld before installing the new version. Installing this version may result in email messages on the handheld being lost.

7000 install problems

August 21, 2008

version 1.0.01 does not appear to install properly on 7000 series devices.

version 1.0.02, now available should install on 7000 series via over-the-air install, and via the web-installer. I have tested the install on a 7290 using the web-installer.

pop3 not bothering to download

August 15, 2008

Users have reported a problem with POP3, where tiggit apparently connects correctly to the POP3 server, but does not actually download any messages.

This is caused by the INBOX folder not being marked for download. 

To workaround this problem users can change the mailbox type to IMAP, go to the Folders panel, set the INBOX folder to “include when receiving mail”, then change the mailbox type back to POP3.

Step by step instructions follow

1. Go to the settings panel and select the settings for the mailbox that is giving problems

2. Change mailServerType from POP3 to IMAP

3. Save the settings.

4. Exit & restart tiggit mail.

5. Open the mailbox and select folders from the menu.

6. Move the highlight to INBOX and then select properties from the menu.

7. Make sure that “include when receiving mail” is selected, and click on OK.

8. Go back to the settings panel and change the mailServerType from IMAP to POP3

9. Save the settings, exit and restart tiggit mail.

10. Perform a ‘receive’ to download mail into the POP3 mailbox.

badly signed version

August 14, 2008

For some reason, the build of 1.0.1 api 4.3 was not signed properly and so a number of users have experienced an error message saying that the application is attempting to access a secure API.

While I am investigating the source of this, and upgrading a handheld to be able to test the 4.3 build, I have uploaded the 4.2 build in the place of the 4.3 build. This build will be functionally equivalent to the 4.3 build and should run without issue on 4.3 api handhelds.

So, if you have experienced the attempting to access secure api error, then please re-install and the problem should go away.

smtp authentication

August 8, 2008

A number of users have been having some problems sending messages through smtp servers that do not require authentication, an assumption in the tiggit code.

Version 1.0.1, available today, has a fix for this.

This version also provides better feedback to the user when sending an email fails.

Users that need this version should download directly from and not via any of the distributors (,, as it is not yet available on those sites.

now available on handango

August 4, 2008

With the formal end of the ‘beta’ programme, tiggit mail is now available for sale on handango. Just put tiggit into the search box to find the listing.

Now all I need is someone to write some comments about how much they enjoy using tiggit mail……