seamless wifi testing

I have just finished implementing the seamless-wifi code within version 1.1, but have come across a little problem. The BlackBerry simulators, although providing WiFi functionality do not simulate actual WiFi connections: i.e. it is possible to simulate the absence/presence of a wifi network, but it is not possible to route any data connections over the wifi connection.

I can test the presence/absence of the connection and confirm that the parameters are being passed to the the network objects correctly, but I cannot be certain that the wifi switching is happening as intended. This is an important test, especially for the tunnel – as tunnel connections should switch mid-session between wifi and cellular – i.e. if you are part way through a download on a cellular connection and the wifi connection becomes available, tiggit should switch to the wifi connection for the remainder of the download. This should make things faster and reduce data costs.

I wonder if anyone is prepared to take a pre-release of version 1.1 to work with me to confirm the wifi switching is actually working.


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