version 1.1 – preview 2

tiggit mail version 1.1 preview 2 is now available for download to registered users

  • This version  significantly improves mailbox load performance, particularly when storing messages on the handheld SD Card.
  • It also reduces the number of threads that are available for tiggit mail to use, in an attempt to stop the device running out of threads (resulting in the menu and back buttons not working). It is still possible that users will see the not enough threads error that is typical of preview 1, but it should not be quite so catastrophic.
  • This version also fixes the migration start-up bug resulting in tiggit mail hanging the first time it runs.
  • This version reduces the intensity of the LED when alerting new messages.

Tunnel users no longer need to change tunnel settings. Please check that your tunnel setting is set to as the alternative tunnel is unreliable and used for development purposes.

Thanks to all those who emailed me with their immediate feedback. I would be interested to hear how much value you attribute to being able to store email on the SD Card rather than in memory. This should allow a lot more messages to be stored on the handheld. As a test today I downloaded over 1000 messages into my 8320 without any adverse performance impact.

Thanks also for the suggestions for improvements and additional features. They all sound good, and the little things will get added to version 1.1. Some of them are quite a lot of work and so may not make it. My target release date for 1.1 in a non-preview form is mid-December, and so there is not much time for adding new features.

Finally a note about 7000 series devices. At the moment version 1.1 only builds on the 4.2 API and later, which means 7000 series cannot run the preview. When 1.1 is fully released I will back port to 4.1, but there is a large overhead in doing this for each release, and so this will only be done once version 1.1 is finalised.

Registered users can download version 1.1.0, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version.

Users should take care that any data that is stored within tiggit mail is kept elsewhere as this upgrade will cause all of the mailboxes to be erased. Prior to installing version 1.1, users should remove any earlier versions of tiggit mail.

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