tiggit on storm

A few people have emailed to report that tiggit does not tilt properly on the BlackBerry Storm which is a surprise as it works fine on the BlackBerry Storm simulator.

After a little bit of reading around the problem, it would appear that applications that are not build on the 4.7 compiler that has all the Storm libraries will not rotate into landscape mode (tilt) on a real device, and many of the touch screen features do not work properly.

tiggit mail has now been re-built wit the 4.7 compiler and should now tilt and rotate properly, and the various tap  gestures should work properly too. Storm users should re-download tiggit mail 1.0.16 by clicking on the link here


2 Responses to tiggit on storm

  1. steven says:

    What’s up?
    I downloaded and installed the one that the website says is for my Storm and OS version, but I’m having the problem described on this page.

    Then, the link posted above does not work.

    What’s up?

    p.s. :-)

  2. steven says:

    got ‘fix’ from Robert very promptly…

    it’s the bit about turning off compatibility mode.

    Thanks again, Robert.

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