tweaking some parameters on 1.1

With the advent of some of the new features on version 1.1 and a 3G BlackBerry Storm, I have been changing some of the tiggit mail parameters to better suit my use. 

Firstly, I would like tiggit to pre-load much more of each message so that in general html messages are fully downloaded when I come to review my mail I do not need to ‘more’ every html message. Considering that I now have 3G and that tiggit mail now stores messages on the media card (not the internal storage), I do not need to worry so much about download times or over-filling my BlackBerry.

  • change preloadSize from 3000 to 51200

Next, with the advent of attachments, and the ability to take a picture with my BlackBerry and send that picture via tiggit mail, I would like the ‘chunk’ size that is sent through the tunnel to my mail server to be somewhat larger than 1K. I did sucessfully send a 1.5MB attachment the other day, but it took over 10 minutes.

  • change postBlockSize to 25600

There is a balance to be struck between the block size, and the time it takes for a single post to be transmitted from the handheld and be spooled by the BES. Too large a value here and the SMTP session will timeout while the http POST is spooled by the BES, causing message send failure.

This does not change the fundamental data transfer rate, but does make sending large attachments more efficient.

These two small changes, along with the performance improvements in version 1.1.7 really make tiggit mail great to use.


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