what’s cooking ?

It has been a while since I posted a new version of tiggit mail – although there have been a couple of rapid patch releases to resolve particular problems – which poses the question, “what have I been working on ?”

Well the weather has been slowly improving and I have been trying to spend more weekend time out of doors, but my bike is still missing me. I have added a number of enhancements to tiggit, not least of which is the addition of the bouncy castle libraries for STARTTLS, and indeed reducing the bouncy castle libraries in size. There are a number of improvements to the file chooser for attachments. The ability to play a ring tone when a new message arrives, and the ability to play mp3 files that may arrive as email attachments. (It is quite common for voice mail systems to email voice mail messages these days and some users would like to play these via tiggit, rather than saving them to the SD card and then using the media player to play them.)

The thing that has taken the most time, and is still not finished is increasing the reliability of sending messages (done) and appending messages to a sent folder (done, but not by the tunnel). I started by writing a number of auto-test harnesses to work out why so many people were having problems, and then all of a sudden I could see so many bugs in the code. It is going to be a little while before I finally work through all of the issues. I only have to solve some mailbox lock problems and appending via the tunnel and I am done.

I have also upgraded the network configurator to pay attention to the RIM service book. I am really hopeful that this will reduce the number of people that have problem getting started in the first place. The configurator now reads the service book and attempts to make a socket and http connection on each service book entry. It allocates a score to each sucessful service book record and then chooses the ‘best’ as the configuration option to use. It will be interesting to see if this makes any difference to the number of service calls I get about being unable to connect.

Lots of people have commented that it is a little odd that tiggit mail shows the HTML mail, and then also shows the plain text underneath. Well this is now gone. If there is a HTML attachment then all plain text attachments will not be displayed.

There is not much more (in terms of a list) to be done to release version 1.1.12, but I expect that it will be after Easter before it comes out. So, I am afraid that this is another post without any screen shots of something new.


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