first view of tiggit mail 1.1.17

September 27, 2009

It has been a while since I have released a new version of tiggit mail, and in recent weeks I have been receiving a number of requests for additional minor features and enhancements. This release attempts to provide those as well as delivering on some promises from a while ago.


Possibly the most visual change is the option to have alternately shaded rows in the inbox, and the option to set the colour of the shading. Perhaps the most requested change is the ability to edit messages when they are in the outbox. This version should also improve efficiency in filing messages into other folders with the introduction of fast keys and nicknames.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • Option for alternative send format – you can now chose between ISO-8859-1(default), UTF-16BE, US-ASCII and UTF-8.
  • The text of the signature is now placed in the message composer allowing you to edit/customise it for particular messages
  • Fast keys to move around the folder list in the move dialog – press the first letter of the folder name you want to move to.
  • Folder nick-names
  • Ability to edit messages once they have been placed in the outbox, using send later
  • Option to start in the background when the phone boots
  • Option to delete the BlackBerry log on start up to improve performance
  • Changed the sub-folders checkbox on the folder properties to not be selected by default
  • Option to immediately hide moving and deleted messages
  • Fixes irritations in the operation of the delete key
  • Support for forwarded flags on messages
  • Added exit option to the mailbox list menu
  • Removes mailboxes immediately rather than waiting for restart
  • Fixes defects in counting un-read messages. Deleted messages are not counted as un-read
  • Ability to back-up settings – press ALT-E to export settings to a file and ALT-I to import.
  • Added reply indicator to a single line view
  • Fixes problems with copying messages to a sent folder via the tunnel
  • Pressing enter now opens a message on inbox viewer
  • Option to not download images in HTML mails
  • Fixes defect where multiple inboxes are shown from time to time
  • Fixes problem where changes to the signature were not detected by save prompt
  • Added send attempt count to stop enternal message send attempts
  • Added shading alternate rows
  • Added AOL wizard

There are still a few features to be added to 1.1.17, but I am releasing a preview of this now for confirmation that these features meet the needs of the many users that have requested them.

Registered users can download version 1.1.17, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version. Users are advised to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to this version as all messages on the handheld may be lost.