Cyrillic folder names

November 29, 2009

I have just finished implementing UTF-7 decoding to allow for full international character sets to be properly represented in folder names. You can see in the screen shot below a folder name in Cyrillic, but this should work for almost all character sets, so long as the BlackBerry has the appropriate fonts/characters installed.

This will be available as a patch update to 1.1.17 just as soon as I have confirmed that it hasn’t broken anything.


RIM OS 5.0

November 1, 2009

I have updated version 1.1.17 with a few fixes to solve the various background thread crashes on OS 5.0.

I think that tiggit mail is now 5.0 safe. I have posted a new build of 1.1.17 (now on for those that need a 5.0 compatible version.

[For information here is what appears to cause most of the problems on RIM OS 5.0. UI Applications on the BlackBerry have the concept of a ‘despatch thread’ that deals with user interactions (button presses, clicks etc) and typically this despatch thread will start other background threads to conduct the necessary processing. Tiggit mail makes extensive use of these background threads to do things like decoding messages and displaying them.

It would appear that when a background thread sets a parameter on a field that has not been added to a manager this causes a null pointer exception as the OS attempts to render the field within the context of a manager that does not exist. In my mind this is a defect in the OS, but nevertheless everyone will need to review and update their application as a result.

Note: this is not the same as making sure that the background thread owns the Ui Application Event Lock.]