doh! – One line of code makes so much difference

I can’t believe it. I was looking at the performance of the tunnel today (somewhat idly on the train) and thought, I wonder what happens if  I try closing the stream at that point……

…. needless to say, closing the stream at that point creates a step improvement in tunnel performance, and as a consequence has a big impact on battery life. I have been using tiggit all day on my Storm-2 and have so far not managed to run the battery down below half. (I did manage to run the battery out on my iPod Nano however.)

So, as a result, I am in a big hurry to post a new version – to share the joy, and have now posted 1.1.19.p3. Here are the full details of the changes in this build

  • Improved tunnel performance and battery life
  • S/MIME Certificates are now evaluated when messages are fully downloaded, with status reflected as red or green on the inbox viewer
  • Minor changes in the representation of 12hr based times, in inbox viewer. (Times remain in 24hr in all other places.)
  • Try-Harder is now case insensitive
  • Better display of sent messages

Preview 3 can be downloaded in the normal way: Registered users can download version 1.1.19, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version. Users are advised to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to this version as all messages on the handheld may be lost


2 Responses to doh! – One line of code makes so much difference

  1. vipsp says:

    When will support Chinese, thank you!!

  2. tiggit says:

    I think tiggit mail already works with extended character sets such as Chinese. There are a number of people who use it with cyrillic (I just fixed some bugs in cyrillic rendering) and I think there are quite a number that use it in Vietnamese.

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