1.1.20 already

July 26, 2010

Version 1.1.19 was fully released a little while ago. Unfortunately there is a problem using tiggit mail without an SD-Card,  that causes messages larger than the pre-load size to be corrupted. And so, version 1.1.20, preview 1 is now available for download.

This version fixes the problem above, and adds support for character sets that are not natively supported on the BlackBerry device. This release adds

  • windows-1250 & iso-8859-2  – Central Europe
    windows-1251  & iso-8859-5 – Cyrillic
    windows-1253  & iso-8859-7 – Greek
    windows-1254  & iso-8859-9  – Turkish
    windows-1255  & iso-8859-8  – Hebrew
    windows-1256  & iso-8859-6  – Arabic
    windows-1258  – Vietnamese
    iso-8859-15 – European

(BlackBerrys only support four character sets natively as the character set conversion is handled in the BlackBerry infrastructure. As emails can be sent in a wide variety of character sets, tiggit mail needs to know how to handle these character sets.)

This release can be downloaded in the normal manner from http://www.tiggit.com/tiggitmail/previewCheck.html, the usual caution should be taken when using beta software.