version 1.1.18 preview 1 ready for download

January 3, 2010

Version 1.1.18 is now ready for first preview. This version adds the concept of local folders – folders that exist only on the BlackBerry. These have been used to add a local drafts and sent folder. When re-working the drafts and sent folders, I have removed the entire send now/send later mechanism that was clumsy and difficult to use. Tiggit now detects whether it has network coverage and, when there is no service, tiggit will queue messages to be sent as soon as network service becomes available. This is intended to allow you to use tiggit to compose messages when you are on the tube and have them sent immediately you leave the station (for example).

This version also addresses a number of problems with attachments and adds thumbnail icons to both the file picker and the message composer. Where messages have image attachments, the image is shown in-line with the message in the sent box. This build also fixes a problem with images not being recognised by FaceBook Mobile.

Another important new feature is the ability to edit plain text messages when replying or forwarding a message. The entire text of the message is copied into the composer so you are free to edit any part of the (plain text) message prior to sending. The replied or forwarded part of the message is prefixed with a message to make the difference between the original message and any reply comments you might like to make.

Tiggit now has an option to automatically shutdown and start-up at pre-determined times. It will even startup when your BlackBerry is turned off.

Here is the full list of changes in this release

  • fixed problems with additional signature and announce blocks being added
  • added draft box
  • added sent box
  • enabled editing messages from the drafts box
  • fixed problems with not all parts being added to a message
  • revised composer attachment display
  • added ability to remove attachments from messages
  • added thumbnails for image attachments
  • removed send later menu item
  • removed start sending and stop sending functions from outbox
  • fixed artifical truncation of mailbox names
  • fixed problem with mark as read not being retained after sync with server
  • added logic to detect common image types and send as image/ rather than file/ to resolve problems with facebook
  • added thumbnail images to file chooser and layout logic in the case that there are no image thumbnails available
  • added startTime and endTime startup and shutdown capability
  • improved IMAP error detection logic
  • potential fix to irretreivable mailbox wipeout
  • fixes problems with un-necessary settings confirmations
This is a preview release and may contain a number of un-expected defects, and is being released at this time for customer feedback.
Registered users can download version 1.1.18, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version. Users are advised to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to this version as all messages on the handheld may be lost.

version 1.1.14 ready for preview

May 16, 2009

With the launch of the BlackBerry and Mobihand App Stores, this release is focussed on meeting the App Store requirements imposed by Research In Motion.

There are also some improvements to the add mailbox wizard, including a test phase once the mailbox has been specified. tiggit now has an update facility that allows you to automatically check for new released of tiggit mail. (RIM make a charge of hundreds of dollars to list an application on the App Store, and make a charge for each update!)

This version also makes a better attempt at decoding and displaying partially downloaded messages – reducing the number of messages that need to be more-ed before they can be read.

Here are the details of the changes in this release

  • connections are tested at the end of the add mailbox wizard
  • data useage warning message as required by RIM
  • improved feedback when folder sync fails
  • automatic update utility
  • fixes incorrect trial license expiry information on license panel
  • modest performance improvements when opening messages
  • fixes problems with WiFi connections when using service book defined cellular connections
  • improved handling of worker thread exits
  • sets default character set for MIME decoder
  • adds show deleted option, allowing users to see messages that have not been EXPUNGED
  • step-back-delete download functionality
  • fixes problems with dropCopy
  • resolves reliability problems with IMAP APPEND
  • fixes problem with incorrect message size display for small messages

Testing this release I have noticed that attention should be paid to blockSize and waitTime. It is suggested that waitTime should not be set below 250, whereas the default settings with release 12 was 100.

Registered users can download version 1.1.14, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version. Users are advised to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to this version as all messages on the handheld may be lost. Users are advised to fully remove the previous version of tiggit mail prior to upgrading to ensure a trouble-free installation.

Here are the build numbers for the various versions
1.1.14.d2 4.2 build 12436
1.1.14.d2 4.3 build 12435
1.1.14.p4 4.6 build 12505

version 1.1.12 available for preview

April 13, 2009

Version 1.1.12 started out with only one objective – to provide support for STARTTLS – to allow sending mail via hotmail. Since then a number of problems and some ideas have come up, that have also been addressed.

Providing support for STARTTLS requires changing an active connection from being in plain text, to being protected by TLS. Folklore says that it should be possible to do this from within the BlackBerry API, but after several weeks of trying, I gave up and started using the TLS capabilities within the open source Bouncy Castle package. tiggit mail now includes a cut down version of Bouncy Castle. The module is called Bouncy Tiggit.

A number of users have asked for the ability to play a sound when a new mail is received by tiggit, and so version 1.1.12 includes the ability to assign a ring tone – via the profile manager – to new messages arriving in tiggit. Also, tiggit will now play audio attachments directly from the message viewer to allow users to listen to emailed voice mail messages.

Version 1.1.12 has an improved network configurator that makes reference to the Service Book to understand the available network settings. The network configurator still attempts to make http and socket connections, but it attempts to make these connections for each entry in the Service Book. In the event that tiggit cannot find a Service Book entry that works it will attempt to make some direct http and socket connections as a last resort. There is also a new setting serviceBook that allows the user to specify the Service Book UID to be used by tiggit.

Service Book based configurator

Service Book based configurator

A number of users have complained that html messages are displayed ‘twice’. Actually this is the HTML attachments being displayed as well as the plain text attachment. Version 1.1.12 no longer displays plain text attachments if there is a HTML attachment.

This version includes refactoring of the message sending code to improve reliability for sending messages and uploading sent messages to a Sent Items IMAP folder. This includes a new technique to send data to smtp and imap servers in blocks, rather than a continuous stream. As a result there are two new configuration paramers – socketBlockSize and socketBlockWait. These set the amount of data that is sent in a single block, and the amount of back off time allowed prior to sending the next block. These values may need to be optimised for different data networks.

Here is the detailed list of changes in version 1.1.12

  • integrated bouncy castle and implemented starttls
  • logic to detect whether starttls should be used for SMTP
  • logic to detect authentication mechanism for SMTP
  • mp3 attachments
  • play sound when mail arrives
  • fixes bug where full message was not always downloaded via POP3
  • fixes bug in handling message move responses
  • improved useability of file chooser when adding and saving attachments
  • servicebook based connections
  • don’t display plain text if HTML has already been displayed
  • new parameters for socketBlockSize and socketBlockWait
  • servicebook based configurator
  • fixes bug in reload functionality
  • fixes bugs in sorting behavior
  • ability to set delete preference
  • Registered users can download version 1.1.12, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version. Users are advised to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to this version as all messages on the handheld may be lost.

    version 1.1.8 now available for preview

    January 18, 2009

    version 1.1.8 tidies up a number of loose ends for version 1.1 and fixes a problem within the http tunnel code that generally causes sessions to end unexpectedly often with a Null Pointer Exception.

    This version also adds an application indicator for BOLD and STORM users to show the number of unread messages within tiggit. In the screen shot below there are a total of 23 unread messages in tiggit mail


    Homescreen showing unread messages indicator

    Homescreen showing unread messages indicator


    Here are the details of the changes/fixes within version 1.1.8

    • exposes smtpDomain on the mailbox settings panel and provides a default value of localhost
    • fixes a problem on the runbox set up wizard that causes mailServerUserId not to be set.
    • sets a default for smtpAuthType within the add mailbox wizard to PLAIN
    • adds tiggit mail to Address book menu at startup
    • sent items are marked as seen when appended to sent box
    • more only downloads the remainder of a message (in earlier versions more downloads the entire message and replaces the current body)
    • respects showHTMLFirst setting
    • folder expansion state is now remembered between sessions
    • adds application indicator for API 4.6
    • adds warning to user if singlePost is selected with a challenge authentication protocol
    • fixes bug in sorting mailbox display
    • fixes bug in http tunnel resulting in IO Exceptions during session

    Registered users can download version 1.1.8, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version. Users are advised to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to this version as all messages on the handheld may be lost.

    things to make sure you have turned on

    December 30, 2008

    Version 1.1 delivers some new features that improve tiggit mail, many of these can be turned on & off through settings, so it is worth checking your options to make sure you are getting best benefit of the new features, once you have upgraded from version 1.1

    • renderHTML

    renderHTML instructs tiggit to attempt to render any HTML messages as a web-page, it will also cause tiggit to download any images that are embedded in the message etc. The renderHTML option is in version 1.0, but the HTML rendering in early versions was not very clever. The ability to draw HTML messages properly is an important new capability for tiggit mail, and if you don’t select renderHTML you will be missing out.

    • contactMenu

    tiggit mail can place a link on the contacts menu to allow you to create a tiggit mail directly from your contacts.

    BlackBerry Contact List showing tiggit mail menu
    BlackBerry Contact List showing tiggit mail menu
    • useSDCard

    tiggit mail can use the removable media card (the SD Card) to store email messages, rather than using the BlackBerry internal storage. This frees internal storage on the handheld for other things, and provides a vastly improved storage space for tiggit mail.

    • postBlockSize

    postBlockSize is on the network settings panel, and provides a technical tuning capability. If you use singlePost and/or a tunnel connection, then this setting might be useful. When using singlePost/tunnel outgoing messages the message is sent to the tunnel as a series of http blocks using the http POST mechanism. This option sets the size of the block to be used, in bytes. The default is currently set to 1024 (1K) which is a little small if messages contain attachments as the overhead of the http headers etc. becomes quite significant. I have this value set to 25600 (256K) and find it quite reliable.

    • useWiFi

    useWiFi has changed, and provides an option to have tiggit automatically switch between the cellular network and the wifi network. Users can set useWiFi to

      • cellular only
      • Wifi & Cellular
      • WiFi Only
    • mailboxOpen

    mailboxOpen is found on the settings panel for each mailbox (towards the bottom) and is used in conjunction with the ‘default folder’ setting on the folder settings dialog.


    Folder properties panel showing default folder setting

    mailboxOpen can be set to either DEFAULT or FOLDERS. The controls how the mailbox opens. If default is selected, the mailbox will open to a view of the default folder – typically the INBOX. If folders is selected, the mailbox will open to the folder view for that mailbox.

    Users that have all their incoming mail in a single folder might prefer to set this to DEFAULT, and set the default folder to that which has all the incoming mail. Users that have their incoming mail filed into a number of different folders might prefer to select the folder view.

    Screen shots in this post are taken from my BlackBerry Storm device, and not from the simulator. The blog was looking a bit boring with no screen shots…..

    tiggit 1-0-16 now available for BlackBerry Storm

    December 17, 2008

    tiggit 1-0-16 is now available for download for BlackBerry Storm.

    Users should download tiggit in the normal manner and select STORM from the download webpage.

    The Storm device should be instructed not to run tiggit in compatibility mode, but should you end up with a keyboard that will not go away, and a blue border around the screen, take the following steps.

    Go to Options, then Advanced Options, and then Applications. Scroll down to find tiggit mail and make sure that it is highlighted. Press the menu button and then select Disable Compatibility Mode.

    Note that the Storm (4.7) version of tiggit mail is required for this to work. Please also note that at startup tiggit mail will say API 4.3. This relates to the tiggitVersionWrapper library that is used and not the compiler with which the code was built.

    tiggit on an actual Storm

    December 17, 2008

    A number of people have been trying tiggit on BlackBerry Storm and have been getting some disappointing results in compatibility mode. In short tiggit looks like this


    I now have an actual Storm device, and have jumped through the hoops of getting tiggit to work properly on this device. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed by the Storm and especially by the touch screen – may be I am not yet used to using it.

    Here is a couple of quick screenshots from my new Storm device, running tiggit properly. I will post later details of the new build for Storm and how to get out of compatiblity mode.

    tiggit on storm