version 1.0.02 now available for download

August 21, 2008

Version 1.0.02 is now available for download for all handhelds including 7000 series.

This version has the following changes

  • added feature to only vibrate once
  • fixes problems with multiselect move
  • fixes problem with POP downloading the wrong message body
  • fixes problem with POP not downloading because folder is not marked for download
  • fixes some problems with error count always being zero
  • enabled scrolling on event log
  • ¬†fixed problem with selection jumping to top of inbox on local delete
  • added log to disk capability to write log file to local SD Card for api 4.2 and 4.3 only
  • added fast key stroke to open message composer – ‘C’
  • fixed sort order ascending/descending bug
  • fixed bug causing exception when performing ‘next’ off the end of the inbox
  • fixed bugs with sorted POP3 inboxes downloading incorrect message bodies
  • improved performance of menu on inbox viewer

This version can be downloaded by re-installing from It is recommended that the previous version is removed from the handheld before installing the new version. Installing this version may result in email messages on the handheld being lost.