attachments and tiggit mail

October 19, 2008

A quick note on how attachments are handled in tiggit mail version 1.0

tiggit is able to receive messages that have attachments, of course you may need to ‘more’ the message if the attachment is large, and tiggit may not actually allow you to ‘more’ the message if it is larger than the maximum message size. (The default maximum message size is half a meg, much more will cause a lot of problems on the handheld.)

If you reply to a message with an attachment, or forward a message with an attachment then the attachment is forwarded with the message, as you might expect.

tiggit is able to render images that are attached to emails – jpeg, gif, png etc. tiggit can handle other attachment types, but it does not know how to interpret .doc, xls, ppt etc. With the new capabilities in the BlackBerry Bold it might be easier to display these, and this will need investigation in the future. 

Version 1.0 does not allow you to save attachments, or upload attachments from the local store or SD card. It is likely that version 1.1 will provide some improvements to attachments handling.