things to make sure you have turned on

December 30, 2008

Version 1.1 delivers some new features that improve tiggit mail, many of these can be turned on & off through settings, so it is worth checking your options to make sure you are getting best benefit of the new features, once you have upgraded from version 1.1

  • renderHTML

renderHTML instructs tiggit to attempt to render any HTML messages as a web-page, it will also cause tiggit to download any images that are embedded in the message etc. The renderHTML option is in version 1.0, but the HTML rendering in early versions was not very clever. The ability to draw HTML messages properly is an important new capability for tiggit mail, and if you don’t select renderHTML you will be missing out.

  • contactMenu

tiggit mail can place a link on the contacts menu to allow you to create a tiggit mail directly from your contacts.

BlackBerry Contact List showing tiggit mail menu
BlackBerry Contact List showing tiggit mail menu
  • useSDCard

tiggit mail can use the removable media card (the SD Card) to store email messages, rather than using the BlackBerry internal storage. This frees internal storage on the handheld for other things, and provides a vastly improved storage space for tiggit mail.

  • postBlockSize

postBlockSize is on the network settings panel, and provides a technical tuning capability. If you use singlePost and/or a tunnel connection, then this setting might be useful. When using singlePost/tunnel outgoing messages the message is sent to the tunnel as a series of http blocks using the http POST mechanism. This option sets the size of the block to be used, in bytes. The default is currently set to 1024 (1K) which is a little small if messages contain attachments as the overhead of the http headers etc. becomes quite significant. I have this value set to 25600 (256K) and find it quite reliable.

  • useWiFi

useWiFi has changed, and provides an option to have tiggit automatically switch between the cellular network and the wifi network. Users can set useWiFi to

    • cellular only
    • Wifi & Cellular
    • WiFi Only
  • mailboxOpen

mailboxOpen is found on the settings panel for each mailbox (towards the bottom) and is used in conjunction with the ‘default folder’ setting on the folder settings dialog.


Folder properties panel showing default folder setting

mailboxOpen can be set to either DEFAULT or FOLDERS. The controls how the mailbox opens. If default is selected, the mailbox will open to a view of the default folder – typically the INBOX. If folders is selected, the mailbox will open to the folder view for that mailbox.

Users that have all their incoming mail in a single folder might prefer to set this to DEFAULT, and set the default folder to that which has all the incoming mail. Users that have their incoming mail filed into a number of different folders might prefer to select the folder view.

Screen shots in this post are taken from my BlackBerry Storm device, and not from the simulator. The blog was looking a bit boring with no screen shots…..

tiggit 1-0-16 now available for BlackBerry Storm

December 17, 2008

tiggit 1-0-16 is now available for download for BlackBerry Storm.

Users should download tiggit in the normal manner and select STORM from the download webpage.

The Storm device should be instructed not to run tiggit in compatibility mode, but should you end up with a keyboard that will not go away, and a blue border around the screen, take the following steps.

Go to Options, then Advanced Options, and then Applications. Scroll down to find tiggit mail and make sure that it is highlighted. Press the menu button and then select Disable Compatibility Mode.

Note that the Storm (4.7) version of tiggit mail is required for this to work. Please also note that at startup tiggit mail will say API 4.3. This relates to the tiggitVersionWrapper library that is used and not the compiler with which the code was built.

tiggit on an actual Storm

December 17, 2008

A number of people have been trying tiggit on BlackBerry Storm and have been getting some disappointing results in compatibility mode. In short tiggit looks like this


I now have an actual Storm device, and have jumped through the hoops of getting tiggit to work properly on this device. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed by the Storm and especially by the touch screen – may be I am not yet used to using it.

Here is a couple of quick screenshots from my new Storm device, running tiggit properly. I will post later details of the new build for Storm and how to get out of compatiblity mode.

tiggit on storm


tiggit on storm

December 12, 2008

A few people have emailed to report that tiggit does not tilt properly on the BlackBerry Storm which is a surprise as it works fine on the BlackBerry Storm simulator.

After a little bit of reading around the problem, it would appear that applications that are not build on the 4.7 compiler that has all the Storm libraries will not rotate into landscape mode (tilt) on a real device, and many of the touch screen features do not work properly.

tiggit mail has now been re-built wit the 4.7 compiler and should now tilt and rotate properly, and the various tap  gestures should work properly too. Storm users should re-download tiggit mail 1.0.16 by clicking on the link here

tiggit mail on BlackBerry Storm

October 22, 2008

This is what tiggit mail looks like on a BlackBerry Storm

Sadly this is just the device simulator, I don’t have one yet. I am also running version 1.1 of tiggit mail, so the sharp eyed will notice a few features of tiggit mail that are not currently available.

I have been thinking of making videos of going through certain key steps of getting started with tiggit mail. With Storm I think that this will be a must as it will really bring the way the product works home to people.