send failures

August 28, 2008

tiggit continues to have difficulties sending mail… In version 1.0.02 I  put loads of extra validation around the smtp protocol handler to be certain that messages have been successfully sent before removing them from the outbox. 

For some email services – notably Yahoo! –  this validation does not appear to work perfectly, resulting in messages being sent, but remaining in the outbox marked as failed.

The difficulty is knowing which messages have been sent, and which have actually failed. tiggit has a handy drop-copy feature that will automatically add a bcc address to all messages that it sends. This can be used to add yourself as a silent addressee to messages that are sent via tiggit, so that when you receive your own message you can delete it from the outbox.

Not really a solution I know, not even a messy work around, but until the bugs are fixed maybe a way of knowing whether a message has been sent.


smtp authentication

August 8, 2008

A number of users have been having some problems sending messages through smtp servers that do not require authentication, an assumption in the tiggit code.

Version 1.0.1, available today, has a fix for this.

This version also provides better feedback to the user when sending an email fails.

Users that need this version should download directly from and not via any of the distributors (,, as it is not yet available on those sites.

Version 0-1-50 released

July 8, 2008

After a little frustration, version 0-1-50 is now available for general download. This version fixes a couple of critical bugs, and is recommended for anyone running 0-1-49. This version fixes problems with working with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and fixes a problem with incorrect user-id being sent in the SMTP session.

There are some little improvements, including better layout for single line display, and no longer telling you there is more to download when the entire message was pre-loaded. It also fixes some bugs the the sorting of inboxes.

Not much progress on IDLE I am afraid, but this has been due to pressure in other directions, and irritating problems resulting from Apple making changes to .mac at the weekend.

Here is the ‘official’ list of fixes etc in 50

  • performance improvements to message decoder
  • fixed problem working with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • fixed problem with multi-select delete not working for an even number of selected messages
  • fixed problem with IDLE not appearing to be informed of new messages – caused by not selecting mailbox before initiating IDLE
  • fixed bugs in sorting messages in Message List
  • fixed incorrect title on network settings panel
  • no longer any need to restart after changing user name and password details
  • improved session reliability for send and receive
  • fixed bug in passing user details to SMTP module
  • changed to show messages as unloaded, preloaded and fully loaded
  • fixed problem where small messages are shown as part loaded
  • fixed protocol break caused by loosing a server response line

Also, it would appear that battery consumption is not as bad as it was!