Version 0.1.48 is on the street

June 14, 2008

Finally I have pulled together a build process and release structure to release different versions of tiggit mail that are compatible with the different versions of the BlackBerry API. (Basically there is a wrapper object that provides stubs to facilities that I want to use in the later APIs, for each of the API versions) Most of the code is common, but depending on the target device a different wrapper library is needed.

The installer for this is almost as challenging as the code itself. In the end I just created a different jad file for each version, with call outs to the standard code and the different version libraries.

Anyhow, if after all that technical guff, you are chomping at the bit to get version 0.1.48, you can get it from these links

Here are the download links, depending on the model of BlackBerry you have, and whether you want to install OTA or from your desktop.

7000 series (OTA Install) (desktop install)

8000 series (OTA Install) (desktop install)

newer models (OTA Install) (desktop install)

Oh, and it rained today, so cycling was cut short and the last work item on 0.1.48 – to make the smtp sender more robust – was completed.