version 1.1.14 ready for preview

May 16, 2009

With the launch of the BlackBerry and Mobihand App Stores, this release is focussed on meeting the App Store requirements imposed by Research In Motion.

There are also some improvements to the add mailbox wizard, including a test phase once the mailbox has been specified. tiggit now has an update facility that allows you to automatically check for new released of tiggit mail. (RIM make a charge of hundreds of dollars to list an application on the App Store, and make a charge for each update!)

This version also makes a better attempt at decoding and displaying partially downloaded messages – reducing the number of messages that need to be more-ed before they can be read.

Here are the details of the changes in this release

  • connections are tested at the end of the add mailbox wizard
  • data useage warning message as required by RIM
  • improved feedback when folder sync fails
  • automatic update utility
  • fixes incorrect trial license expiry information on license panel
  • modest performance improvements when opening messages
  • fixes problems with WiFi connections when using service book defined cellular connections
  • improved handling of worker thread exits
  • sets default character set for MIME decoder
  • adds show deleted option, allowing users to see messages that have not been EXPUNGED
  • step-back-delete download functionality
  • fixes problems with dropCopy
  • resolves reliability problems with IMAP APPEND
  • fixes problem with incorrect message size display for small messages

Testing this release I have noticed that attention should be paid to blockSize and waitTime. It is suggested that waitTime should not be set below 250, whereas the default settings with release 12 was 100.

Registered users can download version 1.1.14, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version. Users are advised to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to this version as all messages on the handheld may be lost. Users are advised to fully remove the previous version of tiggit mail prior to upgrading to ensure a trouble-free installation.

Here are the build numbers for the various versions
1.1.14.d2 4.2 build 12436
1.1.14.d2 4.3 build 12435
1.1.14.p4 4.6 build 12505


version 1.0.07 available for download

September 25, 2008

Version 1.0.07 is aimed at fixing a few grumbles from users, and to provide support for the Courier IMAP server.

Changes in 1.0.07 are as follows

  • adds functionality to follow email links within message bodies
  • fixes bug where signature is not added for licensed users that do not have announce selected
  • adds reset menu during application start-up to allow settings to be set to defaults
  • revised folder list parser to support courier imap server
  • adds sorting to folder list
  • forces INBOX to always be synchronized to handheld
  • adds fast keys E, C and O to expand, collapse and open from Folder view
  • fixes problem handling time in date headers where time is not represented in seconds

Version 1.0.07 can be downloaded from in the normal manner.

version 1.0.02 now available for download

August 21, 2008

Version 1.0.02 is now available for download for all handhelds including 7000 series.

This version has the following changes

  • added feature to only vibrate once
  • fixes problems with multiselect move
  • fixes problem with POP downloading the wrong message body
  • fixes problem with POP not downloading because folder is not marked for download
  • fixes some problems with error count always being zero
  • enabled scrolling on event log
  •  fixed problem with selection jumping to top of inbox on local delete
  • added log to disk capability to write log file to local SD Card for api 4.2 and 4.3 only
  • added fast key stroke to open message composer – ‘C’
  • fixed sort order ascending/descending bug
  • fixed bug causing exception when performing ‘next’ off the end of the inbox
  • fixed bugs with sorted POP3 inboxes downloading incorrect message bodies
  • improved performance of menu on inbox viewer

This version can be downloaded by re-installing from It is recommended that the previous version is removed from the handheld before installing the new version. Installing this version may result in email messages on the handheld being lost.

version 0-1-51 released

July 13, 2008

Version 0-1-51 is now released. This versions has few changes, but appears to resolve connectivity problems some user have been experiencing with u.s. based carriers.

This version also fixes a critical bug where mailServerUserId is not passed correctly to IMAP servers.

The build/distribute process is also fixed for 7000 series handhelds.

Version 0-1-50 released

July 8, 2008

After a little frustration, version 0-1-50 is now available for general download. This version fixes a couple of critical bugs, and is recommended for anyone running 0-1-49. This version fixes problems with working with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and fixes a problem with incorrect user-id being sent in the SMTP session.

There are some little improvements, including better layout for single line display, and no longer telling you there is more to download when the entire message was pre-loaded. It also fixes some bugs the the sorting of inboxes.

Not much progress on IDLE I am afraid, but this has been due to pressure in other directions, and irritating problems resulting from Apple making changes to .mac at the weekend.

Here is the ‘official’ list of fixes etc in 50

  • performance improvements to message decoder
  • fixed problem working with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • fixed problem with multi-select delete not working for an even number of selected messages
  • fixed problem with IDLE not appearing to be informed of new messages – caused by not selecting mailbox before initiating IDLE
  • fixed bugs in sorting messages in Message List
  • fixed incorrect title on network settings panel
  • no longer any need to restart after changing user name and password details
  • improved session reliability for send and receive
  • fixed bug in passing user details to SMTP module
  • changed to show messages as unloaded, preloaded and fully loaded
  • fixed problem where small messages are shown as part loaded
  • fixed protocol break caused by loosing a server response line

Also, it would appear that battery consumption is not as bad as it was!

version 0-1-49 now available

June 27, 2008

Phew! Finally worked through the list of problems identified for version 0-1-49. The highlights are on the website. This should be the first build that doesn’t present loads of packaging problems (hopefully). 

Although this release makes a couple of steps forward with the IDLE problems, I have not made the progress I would have liked in managing idle sessions, and particularly being able to switch idle sessions between mobile and wifi connections.

The problems with POP3 mean that I either need to release this version, or do a patch on version 48. Better I think to do a new release. 

On the bright side tiggit mail now detects phone numbers and http links within the text of an email which is really handy.