tiggit mail token

October 17, 2008

One of the most common search hits on this blog is “tiggitmail token”. I am of course flattered that tiggit mail trial users would take the trouble to search for a hacked or free token, but I thought I would take a moment to explain about the tiggit mail trial period and license tokens.

tiggit mail is available for a free trial for seven days. This is so that users can trial the software and confirm that it does what they need before purchasing – tiggit mail is not for everyone. The trial period can be extended, on request, by issuing a trial token. Those that need an extension to help them make up their mind should email tiggit@tiggit.com with their BlackBerry PIN.

The license tokens are created by hashing and encoding the BlackBerry PIN along with additional product permission information. In this way they are completely personal and will only work with on BlackBerry handheld. There is therefore no point in attempting to use a license key that has been posted on the internet, as any valid key will only work with one BlackBerry device.