tiggit mail version 1.1 available for preview

November 22, 2008

tiggit mail version 1.1 is now available for early adopter preview. The current build still has a number of defects, and some features are not yet complete, nevertheless given the demand for some of the features, and the benefit from expanding the number of users trying the new code, I am making tiggit mail available on a preview basis for currently licensed users. If you are interested in trying the preview, please read all of the information in this post.

The key new features of tiggit mail version 1.1 are

Easier workflow and navigation

  • single click to open mailboxes and messages
  • counters showing number of unread messages in each mailbox and folder
  • improved navigation via the folder screen, including option to open in folder view or inbox view
  • ability to nominate a sent folder
  • ability to nominate a trash folder
  • ability to mark a message unread after mailbox has been synchronized
  • support for IMAP flags
  • navigate-in from Address Book
  • outbox fast keys- delete done, i = return to inbox/default folder
  • inbox additional fast keys m = more, o = outbox from inbox
  • full send/receive functionality

Improved configuration and connectivity

  • Only prompt to save when a configuration setting has been changed
  • ability to send via IMAP APPEND
  • prompt for automatic folder sync
  • support for PLAIN smtp authentication
  • support for LOGIN smtp authentication
  • support for CRAM-MD5 smtp authentication
  • selector for SMTP or IMAP send
  • warning that mailbox has not been synced when opening mailbox


  • add attachments from SDCard
  • Save attachments to SDCard


  • option to store messages on SDCard

User annoyances

  • fix jump on mailbox list after start up
  • better outbox status reporting
  • fixes incorrect encoding of subject when replying/forwarding
  • fixes tunnel disconnects on large number of messages downloading


  • INBOX scrolling performance
  • improved user feedback when loading a mailbox from memory
  • copying message to outbox takes too long
Preview means that the software is provided for test and evaluation purposes only, and that users agree to provide information about the software, its functionality and performance. Preview also means that there is no documentation. Version 1.1.0 may change the way in which features work without explicit notification. Preview is only available for BlackBerry 8000 and 9000 series devices able to support BlackBerry API version 4.2 and later.
Registered users can download version 1.1.0, by clicking here and entering the email address that was originally used to register for tiggit mail. Exisiting license tokens will continue to work with this version.

Users should take care that any data that is stored within tiggit mail is kept elsewhere as this upgrade will cause all of the mailboxes to be erased. Prior to installing version 1.1, users should remove any earlier versions of tiggit mail.
Tunnel users must change their tunnel setting from http://www.tiggit.com to tiggittunnel.dynalias.org failing to make this change will result in not being able to send messages using the singlePost mechanism. Challenge authentication mechanisms cannot currently be used with singlePost.

tiggit mail on BlackBerry Storm

October 22, 2008

This is what tiggit mail looks like on a BlackBerry Storm

Sadly this is just the device simulator, I don’t have one yet. I am also running version 1.1 of tiggit mail, so the sharp eyed will notice a few features of tiggit mail that are not currently available.

I have been thinking of making videos of going through certain key steps of getting started with tiggit mail. With Storm I think that this will be a must as it will really bring the way the product works home to people.

attachments and tiggit mail

October 19, 2008

A quick note on how attachments are handled in tiggit mail version 1.0

tiggit is able to receive messages that have attachments, of course you may need to ‘more’ the message if the attachment is large, and tiggit may not actually allow you to ‘more’ the message if it is larger than the maximum message size. (The default maximum message size is half a meg, much more will cause a lot of problems on the handheld.)

If you reply to a message with an attachment, or forward a message with an attachment then the attachment is forwarded with the message, as you might expect.

tiggit is able to render images that are attached to emails – jpeg, gif, png etc. tiggit can handle other attachment types, but it does not know how to interpret .doc, xls, ppt etc. With the new capabilities in the BlackBerry Bold it might be easier to display these, and this will need investigation in the future. 

Version 1.0 does not allow you to save attachments, or upload attachments from the local store or SD card. It is likely that version 1.1 will provide some improvements to attachments handling.