version 1.0.07 available for download

September 25, 2008

Version 1.0.07 is aimed at fixing a few grumbles from users, and to provide support for the Courier IMAP server.

Changes in 1.0.07 are as follows

  • adds functionality to follow email links within message bodies
  • fixes bug where signature is not added for licensed users that do not have announce selected
  • adds reset menu during application start-up to allow settings to be set to defaults
  • revised folder list parser to support courier imap server
  • adds sorting to folder list
  • forces INBOX to always be synchronized to handheld
  • adds fast keys E, C and O to expand, collapse and open from Folder view
  • fixes problem handling time in date headers where time is not represented in seconds

Version 1.0.07 can be downloaded from in the normal manner.